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Who are these actors that write and tell me they want to be famous and they are serious about their career --- but don't want to go to an acting class? And get insulted that I even suggest it. Are you kidding?? Have you no respect for the very career you claim to be "serious" about???
If you want to waste your time you can but please stop wasting mine. I love and honor our business and our craft. My advice stays the same. If you want to be a professional actor, get in class and never stop. Your work evolves as your career does, and it will continue to grow, if you continue to nurture it.
I don't have any other suggestions for actors who want my advice on how to start an acting career. If you don't like that advice, I'm sorry to say, you probably aren't really an actor. Maybe what you really want is a reality tv show???
I just don't get it.
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