Strasberg Method (Film Acting)

The fundamentals of Strasberg include Relaxation, Sensory Exercises and connecting honest impulses to the lines. We will also cover all the basics for a successful acting career, from Strasberg acting techniques, to professional terms, how to behave on set, how to get an agent, and start building that resume. 404 Not Found

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This class is a class for PROFESSIONAL actors, who are committed to establishing a professional acting craft and career. If you are brand new to the art form or an established actor, this class is needed for anyone who has not studied Lee Strasberg Method.

Strasberg actors include Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Ed Norton, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Jessica Lange, Sally Field, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Gandolfini, Michelle Williams, and many others. Lee Strasberg created The Actor’s Studio, known around the world, and seen on Inside The Actor’s Studio, on Bravo.

An initial 3 month commitment is required, after which students can continue on a monthly basis.

This is an on-going class designed for the professional actor. You may start at any time.

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For the actor who has built a foundation of professional acting skills, based in Strasberg Method. This class is designed to hone and polish your work, as we build more finely tuned skills. We will focus on more demanding scenes and exercises, delving into complex characters and emotional life. If you do not feel you yet have a strength in layering emotions, having a large emotional range, portraying altered states (such as intoxication, paranoia, or types of mental illness), or characters who live, speak or behave far differently from you, this is the training you need. Strasberg Level 2 intensifies the fundamentals you have learned in Level 1. We work all elements of Strasberg’s work: improvisation, affective memory (sense and emotional memory), action analysis/ given circumstances, interpretation, imagination and organic acting style. This class is for the actor who may have training and an education in Acting, yet wants to take it to the next level. We will be doing weekly exercises to connect to, and train, the actor’s instrument. The focus is on working authentically, and creating a full life in every moment. Strasberg actors include Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Dustin Hoffman, Ed Norton, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Jessica Lange, Sally Field, Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Gandolfini, Michelle Williams, and many others. Lee Strasberg created The Actor’s Studio, known around the world, and seen on Inside The Actor’s Studio, on Bravo.

Requirements: Level 1 Strasberg Method and Instructor Approval. (Level 1 can be waived with Instructor Approval, if previous training in Strasberg Method has been studied.)

This is an on-going class designed for the professional actor. You may start at any time.

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How do I take my prep from the audition to the set?! This class focuses on all the skills necessary to do the job, once you book it.

In professional work, there is no “rehearsal time”. How do I show up on set, fully prepared, yet still open to whatever the director wants to give me? How do I prepare for a scene when I’ve never met my other actors? What happens if the other actor doesn’t know their lines, or takes the scene in a completely different direction? After this class, you can handle anything and everything that may happen on a set.

Advanced Sensory work including creating a place, overall, object, personalization and advanced method relaxation techniques. Full understanding of these processes is required.

We will add in the next level of Strasberg Method exercises, including Private Moments, Dramatic Improvisation on the scene, Character creation and development, and much more. You are able to work on scenes with a partner and bring them in, rehearse within the class, or work many of the exercises on your own.

To start this class a scene and partner is NOT required. Level 1 Film Acting, Level 2 Film Acting, and Instructor invitation are REQUIRED. No exceptions.

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On Camera Audition Technique

This class will give you all the skills you need to handle film and TV auditions – whether you have had the script 2 weeks or 20 minutes. You will learn a specific technique that will work every single time. We use current film and television scripts, have mock auditions, and develop all the tools you need to walk in any room looking like a pro. This class is what any actor needs, to ace the audition! Professional Actors have a specific way to work, and a technique they can count on, every single time. They have a defined way of working, that works! Until you have a solid technique, and can consistently nail your auditions every time, you will not develop any career momentum. This class is the foundation to working like the professional you can be. Solid, unique, honest and consistent. Become a Casting Director’s dream!

REQUIRED for On Camera Audition Level 2. Available as private coaching only – email office for details.

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This on going class takes the technique you learned in Level 1 and puts it into practice. In addition you will learn when to look up and down on the pages, in order to fully bring the life of the scene into the room. We will work the Slate, as well as beginning and ending moments, in ways that define you and bring your real personality to the audition. The level of the work is what you would see in an LA movie audition room. We also deal with etiquette, how to handle the “meeting” in the room, reading with a casting director who isn’t giving you any ‘acting’ in the scene, and what to do when you are wrong for the part. This is a professional level class for serious actors. You are welcome to bring in actual audition material and work on it in class.

Level 1 On Camera Audition is required. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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Living the Actors’ Life

This is an on going master series that continually hones and develops all the skills you need to live the life of your dreams.  Each month we meet as a large group, and have a life topic to cover.  From establishing goals that are achievable, to creating a vision for success, to dealing with the ins and outs of Agents, Casting Directors and building a resume… if it concerns the Actor, we will address it!You will find a home and a positive support structure, to create a better way of working with each actor’s unique challenges and situations, as well as goals and intentions.  You will get guidance on any and every aspect of your acting life.  We help you develop the life skills, business skills, and personal skills you need to succeed long term.  We also give you the positive support, encouragement and commitment you need to implement the changes you desire.You will have the opportunity to have an accountability partner and small group, if you would like to join one.  That smaller group meets each week or two, to work the areas we covered in the monthly large group.  You will have individualized suggestions for daily processes and exercises to do, to work on in your small group, in whatever area each Actor is needing to address.  Your small group gives you accountability, partnership, connection and  positive companions along the way, who are invested in your success.This class changes your life, and how you see your career and the world, if you allow it.  A very powerful group!

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Specialty Classes*

*Limited availability, please see calendar or email office for specifics

Core Truth Marketing

Your Authenticity is Your “TYPE” What do they mean when they ask me my “Type”? How do I know? If YOU don’t have a clear idea of how to cast you, how can anyone else? This class covers everything you need to get your career started, or jump started.Building on a core knowledge of who you are, and what you have to offer the industry, we will learn how to present it (and ourselves) in a way that we enjoy, and that gets people excited to work with us. An intensive process to discover what the world sees when it looks at us, we get out of our own heads and into a greater understanding of our impact on those outside of us. How do you really know what the Casting Director perceives when you walk in the room? What does our industry think of you, and where do you fit in the stories and characters that are written?

This is not about being fake or trying to be something you are not. This is about building your “type” on the truth of who you are. The original, authentic, complex personality that most of us try to hide and avoid. It is time to step into the fullness of all you are! When we allow the world to see the truth of us, we present a clear picture of ourselves that leaves a strong impression on others, and defines our true “type”.

We will cover head shots, websites, how to market yourself to agents and Casting Directors, what to wear for auditions, how to be your “type” when the script doesn’t specify what they want, and much more. We create a foundation of understanding that will give you the tools to define and express yourself in both your acting work and your marketing tools from here forward. You will learn how to inspire agents, Casting Directors and Industry decision makers to work hard for you and put you on their “A” list.

This class is recommended for new actors, as well as advanced. If your career could use a boost, or more of a sense of direction, this is the place to find it. This is an 8 week class. It is very intense and focused, and has the potential to change your life, as well as your career. There is quite a bit of homework involved over several of the weeks, and all classes need to be attended unless special permission is given in advance. Your full commitment is required. And the results are well worth the effort!

Next available date: TBD

In this class you will find a movie monologue that is right for you, demonstrates to the Agent or Casting Director how to cast you, and showcases your talent fully.  You will find a unique way of plugging in to the monologue on a very deep level, each and every time.  You will learn how to live the life, and have the experience, without ever getting stuck in a rut or repeating “memorized lines”.  The right monologue can get your career started,  get an Agent excited about signing you, and book you work!  It is a vital component to all actors careers, at all stages.    We also will discuss how to film this piece and use it to showcase yourself, inexpensively and effectively.

Next available date: TBD

Kid/Teen On Camera Audition Technique (only offered once a year)

This class is for kids ages 9 and above who are either just beginning their journey into on-camera acting or those who are already auditioning and wish to strengthen their on-camera skills. It will teach skills specific to on-camera acting so that each student can give their most effective audition and become a more thoughtful, present actor.

Instructor Hallie Ricardo leads a kid-friendly approach to Kristen’s own audition technique adult class.

Each class will include an overview of technique, breaking down sides, a mock audition taping, an analysis of their tape, and ways to improve their performance. We will also discuss the practical sides of the film/tv business including head-shots, resumes, getting and dealing with agents and much more!

July 11th – August 1st
4 Weeks $225

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