Private Coaching

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Private Coaching is available on an as-needed basis, for any type of help you may need.  Audition preparation, audition taping, preparing for agent meetings, preparing for your head shot session, selecting your best head shot and making sure it goes through all the necessary steps to really pop, career advice, marketing strategies and tools, and much more.  If we cannot assist you, we will help you find someone who will.

Half Hour Coaching
$50 (Plus $1.50 PayPal fee)


Full Hour Coaching
$80 (Plus $2.25 PayPal fee)


Head Shot Process

Choose the right head shots, get the proper cropping, fixing lighting, retouching, and more. Kristen will meet with you in person or via Skype/Facetime to get your head shots to the place they need to be, to shine like the professional you are!  You will learn about marketing strategies, font choices, borders, finishes, and much more.  You will never put out unprofessional photos again.  Your head shots open the doors to your career.  If doors aren’t opening, that is probably the reason.  You may have the right picture, but didn’t do this process, to take it to the professional level.

$100 (Plus $3 PayPal fee)