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Core Truth Marketing Testimonials

“Take this class, do the required work, trust the process and you get knowledge and tools you will use again and again. Used them with agents, casting directors, producers, directors, playwrights and more. Used them preparing for and performing auditions and in shows. Probably the most impactful class I have done since Army Ranger Commando school.”- Lee Buechele, Actor, Lee’s Profile

“I was a fortunate marketing student over 2 years ago, and I have never been the same. I went on an unexpected ride that, in the end, brought me to a place of understanding of myself; why others see me a certain way; and how I can use that knowledge to my advantage.””- Amanda Libbey, Actor

“Kristen’s marketing class is not to be missed! Many of the students discovered new things about themselves, and while I did so too, I also learned that who I already am is just as good – better – than anything I could “create”. There were facets of myself that I always knew were there, but I thought no one else could see. This class has not just improved my work as an actor, but it set me on the path to improving other facets of my life as well.”-Amy Tallmadge, Actress, Amy’s Profile

“What I liked most about the marketing class was that it forced us to discard our comfortable preconceptions about who we are. We took the time to discover how others really see us. This is empowering to the actor because it provides effective context for one’s work — you only get the roles that others think you fit.”-James Blumling, Actor

“This class pushed me to delve deep into all facets of my individuality and personality to access the key elements that comprise my core being so I can attend every event/audition/meeting with confidence, knowing without fail who I am and what I bring to the table.”Tania Shana Yegelwel, Actress, Atlanta Model & Talent, Inc., Tania’s Profile

“Kristen’s marketing class was life-changing for me. I met someone there that I thought I had known my entire life. I learned not only a new respect for the business of acting but also for the process. I found a new respect for myself and I began to realize that what I put out into the universe is exactly what I got back. The person I met at Kristen’s Marketing Class was me.”-Ben Peck, Actor, Ben’s Website

“I learned so much about how I am perceived by the business. More than that, I learned to put my ego aside, accept the truth of my essence, and learn how to make that an advantage in my craft and in my marketing efforts”-Abigail Jackson, Actress, East Coast Talent, Abigail’s Website

“Sure- the Core Qualities are the end result. They provide tangible validation that in a profession where so many things can feel so ambiguous and elusive…these provide direction and focus in helping us to find what our individual path and purpose is meant to be as professionals in this business. But there is so, so much more to this class and the overall experience.”-Patrick Nesbitt, Patrick’s Profile

Hi Kristen, here’s what a major Atlanta casting director emailed to me after receiving the marketing package you helped me put together:
“Just wanted to thank you for the gift card but most importantly wanted to compliment you on the professional package you sent me. Atlanta actors REALLY need to step up their game and you are a prime example of that! I was really impressed and even called [your agent] and bragged about you! She said you study with Kristen Shaw, I’m guessing she is teaching her actors these things. I went and liked her page today on FB. Keep it up! You rock! See you soon!”- John Paul M., Actor


I was interviewed not long ago and asked what was the best acted moment in all of my projects. I said it was the scene in “Line of Fire” with Kristen Shaw and David Paymer discussing his entry into the country club. I have yet to work on anything with you in which not one but many people talk about you having an elevating effect on the rest of the cast. Actors don’t get cast in roles for a billion reasons. For you, none of those reasons have ever included “She’s not good.” In my book you are one of the great actors in this country.

Rod Lurie, director Straw Dogs, The Last Castle, The Contender, creator of ABC’s Commander in Chier

Kristen Shaw is an acting and audition coach who really knows her stuff! Listen to her, learn from her, her advice is golder. Kristen dispenses critical information that you need to know. She provides you the difference that makes the difference. Her information is precisely what you need to know and utilize to advance your career.

– Rex Sikes, Rex Sikes’ MOVIE BEAT & Radio Show

Hi Kristen! I have great news…Avery Sisters Ent signed me!!! Thank you so much again for the kind words you spoke on my behalf and I can’t wait to get well and get back in class!!

Kim G., Actor

Hi Kristen, I wanted to thank you so much for your classes. Using the techniques I learned from you I was able to land a lead role in a full feature film. Your class gave me the edge I needed to to be chosen out of everyone else who tried out for the part. There were nine people in the room. The director and producer included but I just applied what I learned and I even got a standing ovation. Thanks again!!!

Ricardo R., Actor

I just watched the final edit of a film I did back in December. And I see that all the stuff I’m learning in class would have made my performance so much stronger. There was no specificity of thoughts or moments, no visible transitions or beats, I didn’t give things time to land, didn’t form a thought before I responded and instead just bulldozed my transitions into my next line, and before i knew it, all of “Hallie” was lost in the delivery of the dialogue. And it was boring. What’s nice is that now I can identify the issues and fix them for next time, whereas before I would have just been frustrated and pissed that it didn’t read on camera way I wanted. SO THANK YOU! ūüôā

Hallie R., Actor

I no longer want to perform/act. I want it to be real. I read the script as we do in on-camera, let my emotional roller coaster take over, and I could hear the room silent for the first time all day. When it was done, the director gave me applause. I stopped trying to do it “right” and simply let myself go!! The director asked if I’ve taken classes and I told him I was studying with you. Direct quote- “I actually could have guessed. She’s producing some great results here in Atlanta!”- Laura S., Actor

Kristen is one of the most professional and intuitive actors I have ever had the privilege of working with.  Her wealth of knowledge in entertainment is second to no one.  To this day, I still use her as a sounding board for many difficult decisions.

Paul Santana, Vice President, Agency for the Performing Arts (LA.com’s “Top 10 Agencies in Los Angeles” – representing Adam Sandler, Dolly Parton, Gary Oldman, The Kardashians and more)

Thanks so much for coaching and taping me today. Kristen, you made me feel so comfortable and I appreciate you breaking down the script, reading¬†and doing final touches on my face, hair¬†and wardrobe. John Paul, top notch¬†taping. ¬†I’m really happy with how this looks. The quality is fantastic. You guys are so professional and friendly.¬†This was a¬†fun and educational¬†experience for me. Can’t wait to do this again!

Adele L., Actor

Mere words could not express my sincere thanks to Kristen Shaw and her “Trust the Process” training! It has been one of three things that has changed my life for the better. I am living an authentic life in gratitude . . . AND I am an Actor!!! Amazing GRACE lead me to KSAS, KSAS opened doors to People Store! And People Store allowed me in and it is such a GIFT! So THANK YOU ALL!! Yep, I’m so very grateful & my heart overflows!

Joan S., Actor

Everything we talked about at the end of class today came into perspective for me this afternoon! Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I said something about “beating myself up” over a shoot. Then Kristen made me say all the terrible things I say to myself to Adele, which broke my heart. It was then that I decided to let it go (or “fuck it” more accurately) and start changing those mean habits.

Well, this afternoon I finally got to see that film online and found out that I was actually a candidate for the best actress award.¬† What I saw as something to abuse that creative little 3 year old over, someone else saw as something worth recognition. I thought long and hard about only sending this privately to Kristen but decided it was better to be shared as an example. Because I think you are all so ridiculously talented and even if you don’t see it, your classmates and others do!! The whole world would benefit by being a lot nicer to their inner 3 year old!!

Bethany T., Actor

I wanted to thank you for posting the “Meals for Monologues” event on Facebook!! I had my appointment this morning and it went GREAT!! The casting directors were so nice and had really positive feedback – they even said they’d love to bring me in for upcoming projects!! It was the first time that I’d had an audition since I started work in the chair at home (in addition to during Strasberg class). I used the relaxation and sensory exercises before the audition and noticed a huge difference in my work! It was very exciting to see!!

Thanks again for being such an exceptional teacher who is pushing me to be the best artist I can be and for providing us with a studio that I can only refer to as a blessing!!

Tania Y., Actor

I wanted to let you know that I had a couple of successes ¬†at open calls last week. ¬† I auditioned for a short play and got the title role! ¬†And, I ¬†auditioned a few days later for an independent film and got a role! ¬†I‚Äôm two for two and I owe it all to you and what I have been learning in class!. ¬†The audition technique really kept me calm and mentally flexible in both cases. ¬†And I was prepared when I was asked to do a second reading of the same scene, (they had already liked the first one, just wanted it again!). ¬†It was just plain fun! ¬†Imagine that, a fun audition,(or two ūüėČ )!!

Donna S., Actor