The Kristen Shaw Acting Studio (“KSAS”) was founded in October 2011, based on the same Methods and principles Kristen Shaw discovered and honed, during her 15 years in the Los Angeles professional Film Industry.

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KSAS was built on the belief that every Actor needs an Artistic Home – a safe haven to learn, grow and expand our craft.  A place of inspiration – not competition.  A home that builds you up, never tearing you down.  A place for creating and celebrating small steps and large victories, alike.

Acting should feed your Spirit, and enhance your life.  If you are suffering, you are training in a way that does not serve you long term.  It may not be easy – but it should never be damaging.

Combining Strasberg Method as our core Acting training, with On Camera Audition techniques to polish our moments for the camera, and Marketing/Living the Actor’s Life to strategize the business side, we have created a structure for maintaining balance and harmony as the Actor moves through the ranks of his career.

We understand that being an Actor is a life, not just a career.  That ebb and flow is inevitable, and how to handle it must be learned. We know there is no short cut, no sure path to fame, no guarantee that you will ever achieve anything.  We also know that to a real Actor, none of that matters.  What matters is that your Talent has a way of being accessed and expressed.  What matters is finding and giving voice to your authentic self.

As your coach, Kristen is here to light the path and inspire you forward.  KSAS is a Home for your individual and unique artistic Instrument to be developed, nurtured, honed and polished.  There is only one you.  And what we know, that you might need to learn?  We know that You Are Enough. We want to help you find out why.

The path of an Actor is not usually easy, it is not always fun and it is most definitely going to be uncomfortable at times.  It is important that you are in an environment that feels safe and allows you room to grow.  Finding the right coach is like finding the right partner – there is no “right person” for everyone.

We believe that an Actor has good instincts, and your Instrument will naturally resonate with the people and studio that is right for you, at this time.  That is why we encourage all Actors to audit for no charge: to try a class, meet your coach, get a feel for who we are and what we are doing,  before you sign up for anything.  We suggest you try any and all Acting Studios in your area, before making a commitment.  When you come to Kristen Shaw Acting Studio, you join our Home and Family. When it is a fit for you, you will know.  And we welcome you.